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Superfood Bowl Catering

Are you planning a breakfast, brunch, or lunch event and looking for a healthy and delicious option to serve your guests or co-workers in Rochester, MN? Forget ordering pizza, sandwiches, or other unhealthy options. Consider giving your team or guests tasty, healthy foods to fuel their bodies and brains from Bloom Acai Cafe catering! 


Bloom Acai Cafe catering is a great way to provide a tasty and nutritious meal or snack for your event. superfood bowls are made with superfood berries, which are packed with antioxidants, fiber, and healthy fats. They are also made with various other fruits and toppings, providing a balanced mix of nutrients and flavors.


Healthy Foods for Catered Events

Bloom Acai Cafe uses high-quality, fresh ingredients and offers a variety of fruit and topping options. Our catering service lets your guests choose from many options, allowing them to choose their favorite fruits, superfoods, and toppings.


Bloom Acai Cafe catering is a great option for a variety of events, including corporate lunch/breakfasts, weddings, bridal/baby showers, and health and wellness events. We are also a great option for post-workout/marathon snacks or team-building events.


One of the benefits of using Bloom Acai Cafe catering for your event is that it can be easily customized to meet different dietary needs. For example, our catering service offers vegan, dairy-free, soy-free or gluten-free superfood bowls that are perfect for almost everyone. This makes it simple to ensure everyone at your event has healthy, tasty food they can enjoy. 


Superfood Bowl Delivery and Catering in Rochester, MN

When planning your Superfood Bowl catering order, be sure to consider the timing of your event. superfood bowls are best served fresh, so it is crucial to have our catering service deliver your order when your event attendees are ready to enjoy their snacks or meals. We deliver to most of the greater Rochester, MN, area, including the following locations:


  • Somerby

  • Byron

  • Oronoco

  • Pill Hill

  • Historic Southwest

  • Kutsky Park

  • Mayo Clinic

  • Merrihills

  • Mayowood

  • Downtown

  • Elton Hills


Superfood Bowl Catering Near Me

Superfood bowl catering is a healthy and delicious option for any event or occasion. With various fruit and topping options, it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser that your guests will love. To learn more about using Bloom Acai Cafe for your next work meeting, baby/bridal shower, health food event, or other occasion in Rochester, MN, contact our team for pricing, pick-up, and delivery options. We do require advanced notice for larger events, typically at least one day for events requiring 50+ bowls, but smaller events can be ordered the same day with a few hours of notice – call ahead to plan for superfood bowl catering pickup or delivery.

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